Improving Your Infectious Disease Screening

General Purpose Reagents

Our Real-Time PCR Master Mix incorporates our 3base™ technology.

The benefits of 3base™ technology are:

Allows for simple multiplexed assays

  • More targets can be detected per assay

Universally applicable to all specimen types, compatible with both DNA and RNA

  • Able to work with multiple specimen types simultaneously

Compatible with all nucleic acid detection technology

  • Including PCR, real-time PCR, Isothermal amplification, array-based detection, melt curve analysis etc.

Real-Time Platform Compatibility*

Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Dx

*For more information on your laboratory RT-PCR compatibility in your region please contact Genetic Signatures or click the link


  • Genetic Signatures General Purpose Reagents are for laboratory use.

More information regarding the specific conditions for each Real-Time PCR Platform is available on our workflow section.



  • EasyScreenTM Pathogen Detection Kits are for research use only and are not available for in vitro diagnostic use in America. Genetic Signatures also supplies a range of Analyte Specific Reagents for customers in the USA/North America.
  • Analyte Specific Reagents (ASRs). Analytical and performance characteristics are not characterized.
  • EasyScreenTM Sample Processing Kits are FDA-listed clinical concentrators.