The EasyScreen™ Unique Workflow Solutions

Sample preparation & PCR Set-up

Workflow Samples Received

Simple Sample Processing

  • Universal extraction kit for all sample types
  • The EasyScreen™ Sample Processing Kit offer streamlined preparation of nucleic acids directly from the primary specimen
  • No freeze thawing
  • The kits isolate both DNA and RNA and are compatible with all EasyScreen™ Pathogen Detection Reagents
  • Our automated workflow solutions for sample extractions are highlighted in our workflow solutions 


Genetic Signatures' automated extraction platforms for the use of EasyScreen™ Sample Processing Kits

Genetic Signatures GS-1000


  • Higher throughput platform
  • Onboard sample and reagent traceability
  • Minimal hands-on time, with user-friendly wizard driven interface
  • Performs both automated sample extraction and PCR set-up

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Genetic Signatures GS1-HT


Performs both sample extraction and PCR set-up

  • Fast sample processing of up to 96 samples
  • Sample extraction & both 96 and 384 well PCR set-up on one platform
  • UV irradiation for decontamination, combined with 3baseTM converted samples, reduces the potential for amplicon and environmental contamination
  • Allows automation of common laboratory tasks

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Workflow GSI HT

Genetic Signatures GS-mini

GS-mini Nucleic Acid Extraction Platform

  • Fully automated cartridge design
  • Rapid extraction of DNA and RNA samples
  • Reduce wastage and costs; Choice of 1 to 12 samples
  • Easy to use Barcode reader for selected assays
  • Increased flexibility to perform other in-house laboratory nucleic acid extractions
  • Compact footprint (60cmx60cm)

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Other compatible extraction platforms using Genetic Signatures' EasyScreen™  Sample Processing Kits include the following:

Compatible Nucleic Acid Extraction Platforms

BioMérieux NucliSENS™ easyMAG
Qiagen EZ1
Qiagen QIAsymphony
Roche MagNA Pure 96
Thermo KingFisher™ Flex

For more information on your laboratory extraction platform compatibility please contact Genetic Signatures or click the link

Real-Time PCR Set-up

Once samples are prepared using the EasyScreen™ Sample Processing Kit any (or all) of the applicable EasyScreen™ Pathogen Detection assays can be set up as per the Real-Time PCR workflow using our Genetic Signatures automated workflow solutions which combines both sample extraction and PCR set-up.

Advantages of Genetic Signatures' automated solutions include:

Automated Platforms that offer flexibility for 96 or 384 Plate Layout

  • Cost effective, combines automated nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup on one platform
  • Reduced footprint with significant automation
  • Placement into molecular or non-molecular laboratories

Compatible Real Time-PCR Platforms

Genetic Signatures' uses a number of validated RT-PCR platforms using our EasyScreen™  Detection Kits. These include the following:

QuantStudio™ 5 & 7
Mic qPCR Cycler
Applied Biosystems 7900HT / 7500
Roche LC480 (96 and 384 well formats)

For more information on your laboratory RT-PCR compatibility please contact Genetic Signatures or click the link

Genetic Signatures automated calling software: GS-Call

  • Easy to interpret calling software
  • Integrate into laboratory LIS/LIMS
  • The flexibility of selecting/deselecting specified target
  • Print reports in PDF format
  • Validated on Bio-Rad CFX and QuantStudioTM 5 & 7


  • EasyScreenTM Sample Processing Kits SP001 & SP005 are FDA-listed clinical concentrators.
  • EasyScreenTM Pathogen Detection Kits are for research use only and are not available for in vitro diagnostic use in America. Genetic Signatures also supplies a range of Analyte Specific Reagents for customers in the USA/North America.
  • Genetic Signatures Automated platforms are not available for in vitro diagnostic use in USA/North America

More information regarding the specific conditions for each Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction and Real-Time PCR Platform is available on our resources page.