Improving Your Infectious Disease Screening

Gastrointestinal Infections

The EasyScreen range of multiplexed real-time reagents are designed to provide rapid and accurate detection of the most common bacterial, protozoan and viral agents involved in Gastroenteritis.

Sexual Health

The rapid and accurate detection of sexually transmitted pathogens is clinically important to obtaining prognostic information, limiting additional diagnostic testing, instituting appropriate infection control precautions, and limiting unnecessary treatment. Molecular methods offer the advantages of rapidity and the ability to detect pathogens regardless of growth requirements or the availability of reagents for rapid diagnostic testing.


Meningitis is a central nervous system (CNS) infection that can have serious clinical manifestations. Viral meningitis can be caused by a number of viruses, including Herpesviruses, Human parechovirus and Enterovirus.

Sample Processing Kits

EasyScreen™ Sample Processing Kits are used to perform 3base™ conversion and nucleic acid extraction and purification. The kits are compatible with a range of automated extraction platforms and reagents, to adapt to the laboratories existing equipment and workflow.

EasyScreen™ Sample Processing Kits offer streamlined preparation of nucleic acids direct from the primary sample.


The rapid and accurate detection of respiratory pathogens is important. Potential advantages of specific pathogen detection include obtaining prognostic information, limiting additional testing, instituting appropriate infection control precautions and limiting unnecessary antibiotic usage1.


Anti-Microbial Resistance

The EasyScreen™ range of Anti-Microbial Resistance products are in-vitro nucleic acid amplification reagents for the qualitative detection of ESBL, CPO & MCR pathogens.

Tropical Disease

Flavivirus’ are a subset of the family of viral agents capable of causing encephalitis and jaundice . Most flaviviruses are arboviruses and transmitted to the human population by a bite from infected mosquitoes or ticks.

General Purpose Reagents

General Purpose Reagents are for laboratory use and are used for PCR mastermix.