Our Board

Genetic Signatures is governed by a Board of Directors who oversee the integrity of our business operations.

Members of our Board include:

Dr. Nick Samaras

Dr Samaras has had over 25 years business experience in the global Life Sciences industry and is a recognised and respected industry expert. He has held a number of senior executive level positions in management, marketing, sales, and research and development.
His roles have included appointments as Managing Director of Applied Biosystems Pty Ltd (now part of Thermo Fisher), and senior roles with Perkin Elmer and AMRAD Corporation (now part of CSL). Dr Samaras is an experienced executive, non-executive and Board Chairman, having served on the boards of several biotechnology companies including one that was ASX-listed. For the past 10 years Dr Samaras has focused his efforts on enabling a number of US biotechnology companies by facilitating their international market expansion and structured development of commercial revenue channels outside of their traditional onshore markets. Nick holds a BSc with Honors in Pathology and Immunology from Monash University, and a Ph.D. in Medical Biology from the Department of Medicine at The University of Melbourne. He also holds postgraduate business qualifications which include an MBA from the School of Management at RMIT University, and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Institute of Management.
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Dr. John Melki

Dr Melki has led the commercialisation efforts of Genetic Signatures as Chief Executive Officer since 2011. Dr Melki originally joined Genetic Signatures in 2003 where he was responsible for leading the commercialisation of 2 research products (worldwide)
and 5 diagnostic products (locally and Europe) in the role of Senior Principal Research Scientist.He has authored 20 peer-reviewed articles and is listed as an inventor on 8 patent applications. Dr Melki received his BSc from the University of New South Wales and his Ph.D. from the University of Sydney, where his thesis was awarded the Peter Bancroft Prize from the Medical School. His primary research focus for the last 20 years has been in the sodium bisulphite conversion of DNA which is at the core of Genetic Signatures’ technology.
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Mike Aicher

Mr Aicher has over 30 years of industry experience, and was CEO and founder of National Genetics Institute (NGI) and acquired by Laboratory Corporation of America, Inc. (LabCorp) in 2000. More recently, Mr. Aicher led LabCorp’s Western Division and was previously responsible for the Company’s Esoteric Business Units, which generated more than $1 billion in annual revenue.
Prior to NGI, Mr. Aicher served in a number of executive leadership roles at Central Diagnostics Laboratory. He currently serves as a director on boards of Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc. and Omicia, Inc. He is certified by the University of California at Berkeley as a Global Biotechnology Executive and is a recipient of Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award for emerging technologies. Mr Aicher received a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Redlands and an M.B.A. in Economics from Columbus University.
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Tony Radford

Dr Radford has extensive experience in the biotechnology industry and has held executive roles in the management of commercial research and development in the medical field. Dr Radford gained a Ph.D. from La Trobe University and was a member of the CSIRO team that invented the QuantiFERON method for Cellular Immune-based diagnostics.
He later joined AMRAD in pharmaceutical research and was Head of Development in 2000 when he left to co- found the diagnostic company Cellestis Limited, which listed on the ASX in 2001.Establishing offices and operations in the USA, Europe and Japan, Cellestis developed QuantiFERON –TB Gold, the worldwide benchmark for diagnosis of tuberculosis infection. Dr Radford was CEO of Cellestis from founding until its acquisition by QIAGEN NV in 2011 for approximately $400 million.
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Dr Neil Gunn

Dr Neil Gunn has over 30 years experience in medical devices and diagnostics. Until recently, Dr Gunn was President of Roche Sequencing Solutions (RSS), where he oversaw all aspects of the business and managed a team of ~ 900 people. 
While much of the Roche sequencing business is in the product development phase his team developed and launched over 20 products a year as part of the clinical workflow, analysis software or assays run on commercially available sequencers. Prior to his role with RSS, Dr Gunn held the position of Vice President in Roche’s Molecular Diagnostic business unit. During this twelve-year tenure, he was responsible for over 120 diagnostic product launches (instruments, assays, software) with a principle focus on IVD clinical markets.
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Caroline Waldron

Caroline Waldron brings unique skills and experience to Genetic Signatures including leadership roles in law, human resources, marketing, risk, and internal auditing, gained from ASX100 and Bluechip organisations. Ms Waldron’s formal training is in law and she has been admitted to the Bar of England and Wales, and the courts of various jurisdictions including in Australia and New Zealand.
Ms Waldron’s 30+ years of international and ASX executive experience across multiple sectors support strategic decision making to drive company growth and shareholder value.  She has led organisational culture rebuild initiatives and advises offshore developers and funds on investment opportunities. Ms Waldron is currently a Director of Resimac Group Limited (ASX:RMC) and AMA Group Limited (ASX:AMA).
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