Improving Your Infectious Disease Screening

EasyScreen™ Viral Meningitis Detection Kit

Meningitis is a central nervous system (CNS) infection that can have serious clinical manifestations. Viral meningitis can be caused by a number of viruses, including Herpesviruses, Human Parechovirus and Enterovirus.  It is a common infection that causes “flu-like” symptoms, and is usually self- limiting, hence it does not require specific treatment in most cases.

Molecular detection methods offer the advantages of speed, and ability to screen for a larger number of pathogens than conventional methods.

The Genetic Signatures EasyScreen™ Viral Meningitis Detection Kit (MV003) has been designed to provide rapid and accurate detection of 8 Viral Meningitis targets.

EasyScreen™ Viral Meningitis (MV003) targets

Parechovirus Varicella zoster virus Human herpesvirus 6
Herpes simplex virus 1 Cytomegalovirus

Compatible specimens include CSF, saliva, and swabs.

The kit also includes an Extraction Control in the reaction mix in order to determine the reliability of the extracted nucleic acids, and indicate the presence of any inhibitors after extraction from primary samples.

The kit uses and is compatible with nucleic acids isolated using the EasyScreen™ Sample Processing Kits.


  • The EasyScreen™ Viral Meningitis Detection Kit (MV003) is for research use only.