Our Principal Advisors

Our Principal Advisors lend their knowledge, experience and insight to our product development and business and include:

Sir Gregory Winter

Sir Gregory Winter is a pioneer of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. He invented techniques to both humanise and later to fully-humanise antibodies for therapeutic uses.

Dr Jim Peacock

Jim Peacock is the former Chief Scientist of Australia and a past President of the Australian Academy of Science. He was Chief of CSIRO Plant Industry 1978-2003.

Christopher M Abbott

Christopher Abbott has had an extensive and successful career in investment and venture capital. From 1967 to 1976, he was an Executive Director with the Rothschild-affiliated Merchant Bank in Australia, and from 1976 to 1989 he was an external Director of a number of public companies. During this period he founded Maple-Brown Abbott Limited, an investment firm now managing $10 billion in securities. Mr Abbott also co-founded Peplin Limited (acquired by LEO Pharma A/S in 2009), a biotechnology business focused on inventing innovative dermatology products. Since 1985, he has been an early investor in many Australian biotechnology start-ups.