Intellectual Property

Genetic Signatures Ltd has a broad patent portfolio covering its core technologies that include a number of patent families.
A summary of our patent portfolio can be found here

These inventions can be broadly grouped into the following categories:

Current Technology

  • Simplification of Genomes for Microbial Detection (3base™)
    Treating naturally occurring nucleic acids with bisulphite and using the resultant modified nucleic acids to detect pathogens and disease.

Emerging Technologies

  • Methylation Detection
    A variety of methods and techniques to explore these phenomena in nucleic acids by the specific amplification of methylated sequences.
  • Isothermal Amplification
    A method for amplification and detection of nucleic acids at a fixed temperature.
  • Engineered enzymes for enhanced PCR
    A novel enzyme has been engineered, in collaboration with the LMB in Cambridge UK, to improve the efficiency and speed of PCR amplification of bisulphite treated nucleic acids.
  • Improving cervical cancer diagnosis
    A method combining the detection of HPV with the methylation status of the infected genome to improve cancer diagnosis and reduce needless surgical intervention.

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