Automated, easy-to-use interpretation software for syndromic testing

GS-Analysis enables fast, reliable interpretation of results, whilst providing accurate and visible traceability of management processes



Genetic Signatures has partnered with a market leading 3rd party laboratory software provider to offer our customers state-of-the-art, AI driven results interpretation software with LIS compatibility

Key benefits of GS-Analysis

User friendly

Choose between automatic or manual import options for easy result interpretation

• Simultaneous analysis of all your samples

• Graphical and tabular display with an optional summary view or detailed analysis report

• LIS connectivity


Example: Report summary for PE001 EasyScreen™ Pan-Enteric Detection Kit.

To learn more about this syndromic solutions for gastrointestinal infections, click here.

Systems traceability

• Audit trail captures recorded corrections and authorisations

• Single customer profile complete with time-stamped details for comprehensive insights

• Archive and search for historical data

Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) connectivity

• Customisable file export options (csv, pdf)

• Automatic or manual reporting to LIS

• Automatic or manual programmed release of valid results

Secure storage and data processing

• Cloud-based system with multiple layers of security and data encryption

• Built in Microsoft Azure infrastructure

• Password protected user authentication

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