Genetic Signatures – Advanced Molecular Microbiology

Genetic Signatures develops products for rapid infectious pathogen detection. We provide pathology laboratories with multiplex real-time PCR screening assays that identify an increased number of pathogens in a shorter time frame compared to traditional methods. This early and rapid detection of infectious pathogens may help to reduce the spread of infectious disease.



EasyScreen™ Infectious Pathogen Detection Assays

The EasyScreen™ assays use multiplex real-time PCR for screening and diagnosing bacterial, viral and protozoan causes of gastroenteritis, including toxigenic and hypervirulent C. difficile, direct from faeces. A universal sample preparation method allows for rapid, efficient and automatable nucleic acid isolation.



Hamilton robot

GS1 Automated Platform for EasyScreen™ Assays

The GS1 automated platform performs nucleic acid extraction and PCR set-up (96 or 384 well) and is compatible with all EasyScreen™ assays.  This solution is available for laboratories without available instrumentation or looking to increase throughput.





MethylEasy™ Kits for DNA Bisulphite Modification

Our MethylEasy™ products for research utilise our patented technology for DNA bisulphite modification. Our technology dramatically improves the yield and the efficiency of bisulphite modification. The range of kits includes MethylEasy™ Xceed offering faster conversion and improved sensitivity.