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Genetic Signatures at the 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Society for Microbiology

Molecular diagnostics (MDx) company Genetic Signatures will exhibit and present scientific data at the 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting and Trade Exhibition of the Australian Society for Microbiology which will be held on the 12th to 15th of July 2015 in Canberra, Australia.

Dylan Warby, Genetic Signatures Sales and Marketing Manager, will present a scientific poster titled Comparison of the Efficiency Of Commercially Available Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Platforms to Detect a Wide Range of Respiratory Viruses.

Genetic Signatures will also exhibit their EasyScreen products for the detection of infectious diseases, including kits for diagnosing bacterial, viral and protazoan causes of gastroenteritis direct from faeces, and viral causes of respiratory infection from swabs transported in Viral Transport Media (VTM).

The EasyScreen™ Respiratory Virus Detection Kit leverages the company’s proprietary MDx 3Base™ platform technology. The Kit simultaneously identifies 15 of the most common respiratory viral infections and contains the necessary reagents to detect multiple viral gene targets, allowing rapid screening of a large number of viral pathogens. The respiratory multiplex assay is initially available in research use form.

Visit Genetic Signatures at Stand 1 at ASM2015 for more information.