Molecular O&P – Advances in Gastrointestinal Parasite Testing – Molecular detection of GI parasites

This is the final webinar in the three-part educational webinar series on Advances in Gastrointestinal Parasite Testing.

In this third webinar, three experts in medical diagnostics, Dr. Susan Madison-Antenucci, Prof. Marc Couturier and Dr. Damien Stark describe the benefits of employing a broader syndromic panel to include the detection of the other leading pathogenic parasites causing GI disease, with a focus on EntamoebaDientamoeba fragilis, and microsporidia.

  1. D. fragilis and microsporidia, despite their frequent association with human GI disorders and disease, are often overlooked in their role as pathogens, and subsequently excluded from routine testing for suspected GI infections. The speakers will discuss the clinical significance of D. fragilis and microsporidia, and the benefits of including these targets in the broader syndromic molecular detection of GI parasites.

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