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Genetic Signatures EasyScreen™ Enteric Bacteria Detection Kit receives the CE-IVD Mark

Genetic Signatures has increased its suite of CE- marked IVD products with the registration of the EasyScreen™ Enteric Bacteria Detection Kit.

The EasyScreen™ Enteric Bacteria Detection Kit is a real-time PCR kit for the detection of i) Salmonella spp., (ii) Campylobacter spp., (iii) Shigella spp., (iv) Yersinia enterocolitica, (v) toxigenic C. difficile and (vi) Listeria monocytogenes in faecal samples. The multiplexed PCR is performed over two PCR wells and includes an Internal Positive Control (IPC) and an Extraction Control (EC). The EasyScreen™ Bacteria Detection Kit is designed to be used in conjunction with EasyScreen™ Sample Processing Kits and includes all reagents required for amplification of 100 reactions (EB001) or 500 reactions in HT format (EB001-HT).

Other EasyScreen™ products that are CE Marked IVDs include:
SP001 EasyScreen™ Sample Processing Kit
EP001 & EP001-HT EasyScreen™ Enteric Protozoan Detection Kit
CDD001 EasyScreen™ C. difficile Detection Kit and
CDD002 EasyScreen™ C. difficile Reflex Kit