Genetic Signatures Announces Strategic Channel Partnership with Almog Diagnostic for Market Entry into Israel

Sydney, 29th August 2023: Genetic Signatures, a leading innovator in molecular diagnostics, is pleased to announce a strategic channel partnership with Almog Diagnostic, facilitating our entry into the Israeli market.  This exclusive partnership further enhances Genetic Signatures’ footprint in the Middle East, extending access to our patented 3base® technology and syndromic solutions for infectious diseases to clinical diagnostic laboratories in the region.

Almog Diagnostic, based in Tel Aviv, brings its expertise in distributing innovative and high-quality products for research, diagnostics, and clinical use. Their focused approach in introducing new and niche technologies to the market aligns well with Genetic Signatures’ offerings. Bolstered by an in-house applications laboratory and skilled engineers to support Genetic Signatures’ automated systems, Almog Diagnostic is aptly positioned to provide robust support for the Israeli market.

“This privileged partnership with Almog Diagnostic represents a thrilling step forward for Genetic Signatures’ entry into Israel. Leveraging Almog’s robust network, proficiency in delivering and supporting diagnostic solutions for clinical laboratories, and familiarity with Genetic Signatures’ systems, we foresee a seamless entry into the Israeli molecular diagnostics market. This collaboration provides new opportunities for Genetic Signatures to introduce our extensive range of EasyScreenTM syndromic solutions and workflow for detecting infectious diseases. We look forward to collaborating with Almog Diagnostic’s dedicated and highly skilled team,” said Dr John Melki, CEO and Director, Genetic Signatures.

“In our continuous growth we always seek for the next ‘big thing’, cutting-edge technologies that we can bring to the Israeli market. We strongly believe that our new collaboration with Genetic Signatures, the 3base® syndromic multiplex testing solutions, and the coming sample-to-result automation, can make a change in the diagnostic market,” said Nitsan Levi, VP New Technologies and Implementation, Almog Diagnostics.

This partnership offers promising prospects for both Genetic Signatures and Almog Diagnostic to enhance brand visibility and drive sales in the region, supporting Genetic Signatures ongoing strategic commitment to expand the Company’s global reach in key international markets.

About Genetic Signatures Limited: Genetic Signatures is a specialist molecular diagnostics (MDx) company focused on the development and commercialisation of its proprietary platform technology, 3base®. Genetic Signatures designs and manufactures a suite of real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) based products for the routine detection of infectious diseases under the EasyScreen™ brand. Genetic Signatures’ proprietary MDx 3base® platform technology provides high-volume hospital and pathology laboratories the ability to screen for a wide array of infectious pathogens, with a high degree of specificity, in a rapid throughput (time-to-result) environment. Genetic Signatures’ current target markets are major hospital and pathology laboratories undertaking infectious disease screening.

For more information about Genetic Signatures and its innovative diagnostic solutions, click here.

About Almog Diagnostic: Founded on 1987, Almog, a privately held life science company, has grown to be a leader in the Israeli life science community, specialising in providing innovative high-quality products and services for research, diagnostics and clinical use. Almog serves research institutes and biotech companies at the forefront of the biological and pharmaceutical community, as well as diagnostic and cell therapy departments in all hospitals and community laboratories in Israel. The Company is committed to customer service and technical support, and the advancement of scientific understanding, to bring the most innovative tools for research and clinical laboratories in Israel.

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Genetic Signatures: Raj Bhagwati, Distributor Channel Manager – EMEA, [email protected]

Almog Diagnostic: Nitsan Levi, VP New technologies and Implementation – [email protected]


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