Our Principal Advisors

Our Principal Advisors lend their knowledge, experience and insight to our product development and business and include:

Dr. John Melki

Genetic Signatures is managed by Dr John Melki who has broad laboratory and business management experience. Dr. Melki joined Genetic Signatures in 2003 and since then has commercialised four research based products and seven diagnostic products. His previous research includes DNA methylation, microarray technologies, Real-Time PCR and biological software evaluation and he is the recipient of the Sydney University Peter Bancroft prize (2001). Dr Melki has led the product development team as Senior Principal Research Scientist since 2003 and led as the Company Chief Executive Office and Director until 2024. Dr. Melki now acts as an advisor to the CEO.

Sir Gregory Winter

Sir Gregory Winter is a pioneer of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. He invented techniques to both humanise and later to fully-humanise antibodies for therapeutic uses.

Dr Jim Peacock

Jim Peacock is the former Chief Scientist of Australia and a past President of the Australian Academy of Science. He was Chief of CSIRO Plant Industry 1978-2003.

Christopher M Abbott

Christopher Abbott has had an extensive and successful career in investment and venture capital. From 1967 to 1976, he was an Executive Director with the Rothschild-affiliated Merchant Bank in Australia, and from 1976 to 1989 he was an external Director of a number of public companies. During this period he founded Maple-Brown Abbott Limited, an investment firm now managing $10 billion in securities. Mr Abbott also co-founded Peplin Limited (acquired by LEO Pharma A/S in 2009), a biotechnology business focused on inventing innovative dermatology products. Since 1985, he has been an early investor in many Australian biotechnology start-ups.

Professor William Rawlinson

Prof. Bill Rawlinson AM is Senior Medical Virologist directing the Serology and Virology Division (SAViD) at Prince of Wales Hospital, and Conjoint Professor at University of NSW. He is Director of the Area Virology and Serology reference laboratories, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) licensed laboratory testing organs donors for blood borne viruses, and the Virology Research Laboratory. Highly published, Prof. Rawlinson’s studies encompass novel testing algorithms and groundbreaking research on herpes, hepatitis, enteroviruses, and respiratory viruses. Notable achievements include significant advancements in understanding cytomegalovirus, genomics of repiratory viruses including SARS CoV-2, and the role of enteroviruses and viromics in Type 1 diabetes mellitus. He holds multiple advisory roles and has received numerous awards for his contributions to medical science, highlighting his influential role in both research and public health policy.