Genetic Signatures farewells long-standing CEO & Director, Dr. John Melki

Genetic Signatures shares a bittersweet moment as we bid farewell to Dr. John Melki, who has announced his decision to step down as CEO and Director after an illustrious 21 years of leadership.

John possesses an extraordinary blend of qualities and skills that have not only inspired, but also motivated and guided our team through a remarkable transformation. Under his stewardship, we evolved from an Australian research and development company to a global molecular diagnostics company. Leading by example, John fostered an environment characterised by honesty, positivity, collaboration, and inclusivity, enabling our team to thrive and achieve unparalleled success on a global scale.

 We extend our heartfelt gratitude to John for his unwavering dedication, visionary leadership, and profound impact on our Company’s journey. His legacy will continue to inspire us as we embark on the next chapter of Genetic Signatures’ remarkable story.


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