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Genetic Signatures CEO Interviewed by Alan Kohler of the Eureka Report

Alan Kohler of the Eureka report recently interviewed Genetic Signatures CEO Dr John Melki. Dr Melki spoke about the history of Genetic Signatures and his own 12-year involvement with the company, and 20 years experience using the tools that form the basis of its 3base™ technology. Alan queried John about Genetic Signatures products, financial results to date, the companies’ ASX listing under the code GSS in March 2015, and its future plans. Alan indicated, in his weekly update to Eureka report subscribers, that although he had not heard of Genetic Signatures prior to the interview he had now developed a keen interest in the company.

About Alan Kohler: Alan Kohler is one of Australia’s most experienced commentators and journalists. Alan is the founder of Eureka Report, Australia’s most successful investment newsletter, and Business Spectator, a 24-hour free business news and commentary website. He also hosts Inside Business, a half-hour Sunday programme on the ABC, is the finance presenter on the ABC News – and producer of the nightly graph.

About Dr John Melki: Dr Melki has led the commercialisation efforts of Genetic Signatures as Chief Executive Officer since 2011. Dr Melki originally joined Genetic Signatures in 2003 where he was responsible for leading the commercialisation of two research products (worldwide) and five diagnostic products (locally and Europe) in the role of Senior Principal Research Scientist. He has authored 20 peer-reviewed articles and is listed as an inventor on eight patent applications. Dr Melki received his BSc from the University of New South Wales and his PhD from the University of Sydney, where his thesis was awarded the Peter Bancroft Prize from the Medical School. His primary research focus for the last 20 years has been in the sodium bisulphite conversion of DNA, which is at the core of Genetic Signatures’ 3baseÔ technology.

About Genetic Signatures Limited: Genetic Signatures is a specialist molecular diagnostics (MDx) company focused on the development and commercialisation of its proprietary platform technology, 3Base™. Founded in 2001 by the late Dr Geoffrey Grigg, the former Chief of Molecular Biology at CSIRO, Genetic Signatures has released a suite of real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) based products for the routine detection of infectious diseases under the EasyScreen™ brand. MDx is a modern technique increasingly used by hospitals and pathology laboratories to detect specific sequences of the genome, the DNA or RNA that define an organism. Genetic Signatures’ proprietary MDx 3Base™ platform technology provides high-volume hospital and pathology laboratories the ability to screen for a wide array of infectious pathogens, with a high degree of specificity, in a rapid throughput (time-to-result) environment. Genetic Signatures’ current target markets are major hospital and pathology laboratories undertaking infectious disease screening. As the spread of infectious diseases around the world continues to grow, the Company plans to launch additional products for the detection of pathogens associated with MRSA, sexual health infections, tuberculosis and meningitis.