General Purpose Reagents

Our Real-Time PCR Master Mix incorporates our 3base™ technology.

The benefits of 3base™ technology are:

  • Allows for simple multiplexed assays
    More targets can be detected per assay
  • Universally applicable to all specimen types, compatible with both DNA and RNA
    Able to work with multiple specimen types simultaneously
  • Compatible with all nucleic acid detection technology
    Including PCR, real-time PCR, Isothermal amplification, array-based detection, melt curve analysis etc.
  • Open platform to suit all laboratories
    No need for laboratories to purchase new equipment as 3base™ does not require specialist hardware and is compatible with most real-time PCR instruments


The General Purpose Reagents available are as follows:

Product #Product NameNumber of Reactions (RXN)
GMM001Mastermix 1100RXNs
GMM002Mastermix 2100RXNs
GMM003Mastermix 3100RXNs
GMM003-PMastermix 3P100RXNs
GMM010Mastermix 10100RXNs


Real-Time PCR Platform Compatibility
Bio-rad CFX (96 and 384 well formats)
Roche LC480 (96 and 384 well formats)
Qiagen RotorGene
Applied Biosystems 7900HT / 7500
Applied Biosystems QuantStudio™ 5 & 7
Stratagene/Agilent Mx


Genetic Signatures General Purpose Reagents are for laboratory use.