Pathogen Detection – USA

Genetic Signatures develops products for rapid pathogen detection. We provide laboratories with the tools to develop real-time PCR screening assays.

Our product range offers the following advantages:
  • 3Base™ Technology
    Improves sequence similarity across subtypes
    Reduces melting temperature differences thus improving multiplexing capabilities
    Compatible with standard Real-Time PCR Instrumentation and any nucleic acid detection system
  • An integrated automatable sample processing method
  • Designed for rapid detection
  • Real-Time PCR format
    No post-PCR handling, virtually eliminating potential for contamination
  • Thorough coverage of common pathogens
  • Open platform
    Compatible with most automated sample preparation systems and real-time PCR instruments

Our product range includes:


EasyScreen™ Pathogen Detection Kits are for research use only and are not available for in vitro diagnostic use in the USA/North America. Genetic Signatures also supplies a range of Analyte Specific Reagents for customers in the USA/North America.