EasyScreen™ Automation

Genetic Signatures’ scientists have gained extensive experience in the use of various nucleic acid extraction, liquid handling and real-time PCR platforms with EasyScreen™ assays. As Genetic Signatures is not affiliated with any one platform supplier we are able to work with you to customise a workflow for the implementation of the EasyScreen™ assays into your laboratory.

As part of this offering we have developed the GS1 Automation System.

Genetic Signatures GS1 Automation SystemHamilton-NIMBUS

The GS1 is based on the Nimbus platform (manufactured by Hamilton Robotics, USA). The deck and programs have been customised to be compatible with EasyScreen™ assays.

Advantages of the Genetic Signatures GS1 are: 

  • Single platform to perform all sample processing steps (nucleic acid extraction) & set-up PCR plates (96 or 384 well format)
  • Minimal hands-on time (approximately 1 minute/specimen)
  • Optimised for EasyScreen™ Assays
  • Two in-built UV lights for decontamination
  • Enclosed Hood and integrated Liquid Waste System to help prevent contamination
  • Open System for general laboratory use
ApplicationsNucleic acid extraction, PCR set-up and reagent dispensing
CapacityUp to 96 sample tubes for extraction
PCR set-up96 or 384 well reaction plate
Weight101.2 kg
DimensionsLength: 104.1 cm; Width: 71.1 cm; Height: 87.6 cm
Included Options2 - 4 independent pipetting channels
Liquid waste collection system
Magnetic Separator
2 x UV lights for sterilization of the deck
Integrated heater/shake

For further information regarding the GS1 or to discuss a customised workflow for your laboratory contact Genetic Signatures.