Independent Clinical Results

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Results of an Independent Clinical Study

The EasyScreen™ Faecal screening panels were assessed by an independent routine hospital laboratory and the results were compared to conventional diagnostic methods, i.e EIA, culture or microscopy. The results obtained are summarized below:

Organism DetectedEasyScreenConventional
Norovirus GII16
Rotavirus A1515
Astrovirus3 (b)
Not tested
C. difficile17
Campylobacter spp.1313
Salmonella spp.56 (d)
Yersinia enterocolitica22
Shigella spp.22
D. fragilis5 (e)
Giardia intestinalis4 (f)2
B. hominis3 (g)2
No Pathogen Identified910

(a)  The additional Norovirus sample confirmed positive by an independent RT-PCR assay.
(b)  1/3 Astrovirus confirmed positive by an independent PCR. The other 2 samples were positive at >cycle 35 (borderline positives).
(c)  C. difficile sample tested positive in 1 of 2 extracts indicating the presence of a low level infection.
(d)  The additional Salmonella sample could not be cultured by an independent lab using conventional and enrichment culture. Furthermore an independent laboratory found this sample to be negative by PCR for Salmonella.
(e)  Only 4 of the D. fragilis samples were available for independent testing and all four were positive by PCR.
(f)  No independent PCR tests were available for comparison.
(g)  The additional B. hominis samples was confirmed by an independent PCR.