Enteric Protozoan Screening

EP001 – EasyScreen™ Enteric Protozoan Detection Kit

EP001 (100RXNS) & EP001-HT (500RXNS)

For the detection of (i) Cryptosporidium spp., (ii) Giardia intestinalis, (iii) Dientamoeba fragilis, (iv) Entamoeba histolytica and (v) Blastocystis hominis in faecal samples. The multiplexed PCR is performed over two PCR wells and includes an Internal Positive Control (IPC) and an Extraction Control (EC) in the following layout:

Detection ChannelReaction Mix AReaction Mix B
Channel 1Dientamoeba fragilisBlastocystis hominis
Channel 2Extraction Control (EC)Internal Positive Control (IPC)
Channel 3Not usedEntamoeba histolytica
Channel 4Cryptosporidium spp.Giardia intestinalis

The EasyScreen™ Protozoan Detection Kit is designed to be used in conjunction with EasyScreen™ Sample Processing Kits and include all reagents required for amplification of 100 reactions or 500 reactions in HT format.

For more information about the EasyScreen™ Workflow and Compatibility with Nucleic Acid Extraction and Real-Time PCR platforms visit our EasyScreen™ Workflow page. 


Results of a Clinical Study

Results of clinical study comparing results from EasyScreen™ Enteric Protozoan Detection Kit to microscopy from faecal samples or DNA extracts.

 Faecal Samples (n=81)
Giardia intestinalis3337
Cryptosporidium spp.1515
Dientamoeba fragilis1213
Entamoeba complex*N/A7
Entamoeba histolytica00
Blastocystis hominis1520**
No Pathogen Identified116
Mixed Infections723

* Previous version of kit
**All extra B. hominis samples were confirmed as positive by an independent PCR amplification.

More clinical data can be found on our Independent Clinical Results Page.


Examples of Typical Results

Clinical specimens (stool samples) were assayed with the EasyScreen™ Enteric Protozoan Detection Kit and typical results for each channel (Target Mix A) are represented below.

Typical Results EasyScreen Protozoan Target Mix A






The EasyScreen™ Protozoan Detection Kit is for in vitro diagnostic use