MethylEasy™ Xceed

MethylEasy™ Xceed is a rapid, ultra-sensitive bisulphite modification research kit for the detection of methylation patterns in genes


ME002 – Sufficient for 40 reactions

  • Easy to use – No DNA pre-treatment necessary and easy column purification
  • Sensitive – Start from as little as 50 picograms of DNA (approx. 8 mammalian cell equivalents)
  • Fast Reactions – Processing time in 90 mins total from wild type to fully modified DNA
  • Excellent DNA Preservation – Reduce DNA degradation by more than 90% to obtain truly representative analysis of methylated cytosines
  • Better Conversion – No evidence of DNA non-conversion found in sequencing analysis
  • Internal Controls – included for absolute reaction confidence and product support
  • Great value per reaction

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MethylEasy™ Xceed User Guide
MethylEasy™ Xceed Brochure
MethylEasy™ Xceed Safety Data Sheet

The MethylEasy™ Kit is for Research Use Only