MethylEasy™ Research Kit


ME002-Sufficent for 40 Reactions

MethylEasy™ Xceed

MethylEasy™ Xceed is a rapid, ultra-sensitive bisulphite modification research kit for the detection of methylation patterns in genes

MethylEasy™ Xceed was developed by the pioneers of the original bisulfite sequencing method (1) to deliver world-class DNA conversion efficiencies. The power of MethylEasy™ Xceed has been demonstrated in landmark papers providing single base resolution of methylated cytosines, such as in the human genome (2).

Conventional bisulphite treatments result in the loss of between 84% and 96% of the starting DNA, require pre-treatment with restriction endonuclease digests, the embedding of the DNA in agarose, or multiple tube changes and precipitations.

MethylEasy™ Xceed addresses all of these shortcomings and is a simple, sensitive and quick modification method that requires no DNA pre-treatment and as little as 50 pg of starting material. Reduce DNA degradation by more than 90% to obtain a truly representative analysis of methylated cytosines.


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The MethylEasy™ Xceed Kit is for Research Use Only


[1] Frommer, M., et. al., Proc.Nat.Acad.Sci.USA, 1992, 89, 1827-1831.

[2] Lister, R., et. al., Nature. 2009, November 19; 462(7271): 315–322.