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  • Genetic variation affecting DNA methylation and the human imprinting disorder, Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome  Vinod Dagar, Wendy Hutchison, Andrea Muscat, Anita Krishnan, David Hoke, Ashley Buckle, Priscillia Siswara, David J. Amor, Jeffrey Mann, Jason Pinner, Alison Colley, Meredith Wilson, Rani Sachdev, George McGillivray, Matthew Edwards, Edwin Kirk, Felicity Collins, Kristi Jones, Juliet Taylor, Ian Hayes, Elizabeth Thompson, Christopher Barnett, Eric Haan, Mary-Louise Freckmann, Anne Turner,Susan White, Ben Kamien, Alan Ma, Fiona Mackenzie, Gareth Baynam, Cathy Kiraly-Borri, Michael Field, Tracey Dudding-Byth and Elizabeth M. Algar.

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