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Special advisor Sir Gregory Winter and co-founder of Genetic Signatures Chris Abbott visit

By Genetic Signatures | Nov 18, 2019

Genetic Signatures were pleased to host a lab visit recently by Nobel Laureate and special advisor Sir Gregory Winter and co-founder Chris Abbott.

In Sydney to receive a Doctor of Medical Science (honoris causa) from Uni of Sydney for his contributions to science, entrepreneurship and health, Sir Gregory recently retired as Master of Trinity College in Cambridge where he was a Research Leader Emeritus at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

He shared 2018’s Noble Prize in Chemistry for his work on “humanising monoclonal antibodies”.

Sir Gregory and Chris spent quality time discussing aspects of the business with CEO Dr. Melki and key staff of Genetic signatures.

Genetic Signatures has successfully attracted many luminaries of Science following its founding based on discoveries emanating from the late Dr Geoffrey Grigg (Former Unit head of CSIRO Biotechnology, and 1993 recipient of the Clunies Ross Medal). Genetic Signatures 3base™ Technology is a direct result of this work, and is core to EasyScreen™’s ability to detect human pathogens from patients suffering from Respiratory infections, Gastroenteritis or other microbial infections.