Dr. Damien Stark of (St. Vincent’s Pathology Sydney), presenting at upcoming NRL Workshop on Molecular Diagnostics, 15-16th October Melbourne, Australia

By October 10, 2018 March 14th, 2019 Latest News

Genetic Signatures EasyScreen™ Pathogen Detection Kits will be featured in an oral presentation at the upcoming National Reference Laboratory (NRL) Workshop on Molecular Diagnostics in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Damien Stark from St. Vincent’s Hospital Pathology (SydPath) will present “EasyScreen™ Multiplex PCR for STI Infections, a Year in Review.”

The aim of this workshop is to focus specifically on molecular techniques involved in detecting infectious pathogens. NRL has invited guest speakers who will offer valuable insight into their area of expertise and also welcomes those working in the industry to share their experience through a presentation by way of abstract submission. This Workshop will allow you to connect with your peers and keep you updated on the advances in this field as the industry continues to develop and expand at a rapid rate.

Visit the NRL website for more information.

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