Genetic Signatures Featured in Latest GenomeWeb Article

GenomeWeb, the largest online newsroom focused on advanced molecular research tools, has featured Genetic Signatures and 3base™ technology, in an article about the company’s continued global market rollout of their existing and new suite of products. The new 3base™ multiplex PCR tests include an assay for detecting sexually transmitted infections and another that tests for all flaviviruses and alphaviruses. These assays complement Genetic Signatures’ tests already available which include assays for enteric and respiratory infections.  The GenomeWeb article highlighted Genetic Signatures’ recent clinical trial of their new EasyScreenTM Flavivirus/Alphavirus Detection kit, which was presented at the infectious diseases conference, ECCMID, in April 2017 (Vienna, Austria).  The article also discussed the ongoing global expansion strategy including the progress of regulatory approval in Australia and a CE-IVD marking of a number of products in the coming months.


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